Graphic design
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Beautiful designs that your customers will connect with and that represent your values.

"We worked with for online marketing, social media campaigns and various design and signage projects at CheapSleep Helsinki. We came up with stunning visual designs that became the main theme of our business and that helped to develop our brand. also has been taking care of our social media presence and excelled in this task by keeping all our accounts up to date on various platforms as well as creating a unique style of content, ensuring our company is represented in a unified, well recognisable manner."
Gleb Pripachkin
Manager of Operations

With proper graphic design you create credibility and trust for your brand and give your customers something to remember you by.

Branding is often more important than you may be able to imagine. It is easily the most important part of your public image. It gives your customers something to remember you by. You can represent your values and what your business stands for. With branding you ensure that your business stands out in a crowded market.

With a comprehensive branding plan, we can come up with a complete, fresh and memorable branding package that starts from colors and flows through your logo all the way to signage, ads, emails, even printed media and video!

The process

Comprehensive brand design is a complex project, but I've broken it down to four main steps. It may be complex, but I make it easy, simple and stress-free.

Step one

Discovering the brand


This is where the journey begins. We sit down to find out what are the core values of your brand. What kinds of feelings do you want to evoke in your customers? What does your business stand by?

Step two



After we've established what your brand is and what kinds of messages and feelings we want it to convey to your customers, we start turning the sketches into actual design concepts. We consider the smallest details like fonts, colors and signs that make your brand.

Step three

Designing the brand


Once we've decided together which of the concepts produced best represents your brand, we move forward to the design phase of the project. Here we come up with icons, brand language and a few rounds of logos.

Step four



Once it's all done, you will receive a comprehensive package containing your logo in different types and formats that you can use across all mediums. You will also receive a brand book that contains the guidelines and rules on how to work around your brand. This ensures that your brand is used in a consistent manner even in the future.

Step five

Graphic design


Once your brand is complete, it's time to design the rest: business cards, letterheads, signage, flyers, Office/Google Docs templates, office supplies and more. This is the step that brings your brand alive and ensures consistency across all operations.

Who I've worked with

CheapSleep Helsinki